The Church

A church of all nations that aims for EXCELLENCE, putting meaningful thought and preparation into everything it does. That is OUR CULTURE!

In line with the vision of RCCG worldwide, which is to pursue mission work aggressively, both locally and internationally, the Lagos province 2 of RCCG, Nigeria, now fondly and proudly called the ‘First Born Family’ and under the able leadership of pastor Femi Atoyebi sponsored the planting of Grace Chapel.

Pastor Biodun Coker the then Calgary area pastor, who had mapped out the strategy for
the planting of the parish in

Our Priorities

Brethren, we count it a great privilege to be at the cutting edge of what God is doing in these end times, and would implore you to join forces with us that together we can possess the province of B.C for Jesus Christ. There shall be revival in the land. AMEN!

Our Value is first in the name “RCCG”. A Covenant Name “GRACE” Chapel For All Nations, tells you what we want to emphasize:

Vancouver, in company of pastor Bayo Adediran formerly an area pastor in Lagos province 2 arrived Vancouver on Monday February 9th, 2004.They did not know anyone in Vancouver, but still believed like Joshua and Caleb that ”we are well able to possess the land” of British Columbia for the Lord Jesus Christ. After three days of prayerfully surveying the land, pastor Biodun returned to his duty post in Calgary living pastor Bayo behind to continue the work.

Four weeks after arriving in Vancouver, the first home fellowship started on the 7th of March in New Westminster at the residence of a family who voluntarily sacrificed their house for the Lord’s use. Six adults were in attendance at the first meeting. Barely three weeks after, another center took off in Port Coquitlam in the residence of another family. After about ten weeks of prayerful preparations through

faithful brethren in these fellowship centers, with support and encouragement from the North American leadership of RCCG and brethren in Calgary area, the first Sunday morning worship was held on Easter Sunday, 11th April, 2004.The program of the day tagged Go-A-Fishing had 37 people in attendance, while 3 people gave their lives to Christ.

A week after the takeoff of Grace Chapel, through another sister, the authority of the University of British Columbia [UBC] gave us permission for the free use of the St.Andrew’s Hall Chapel for Sunday worship and Tuesday Bible study. But for lack of personnel, the Sunday worship in UBC had to stop while the Bible study continued for a while. Indeed, it has been His grace. Glory be to God

Our passion in Grace Chapel is ”Building Lives for Christ, and To Worship God in Spirit and in Truth” by bringing people of every race under Heaven to learn of Jesus, develop and equip them to become faithful disciples of Jesus, and to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives. To this end our doors are open to people from every background. We also believe God to raise men and women of substance for God, who like Paul, would be ready to spend and be spent for God’s work in these end times.

At Grace Chapel, it’s not about religion; it’s about relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. We preach the undiluted word of God and our Bible studies focus on real life issues. The atmosphere is genuinely friendly with practical love of God, and holiness and prayer is our strength. So, whether you are just beginning to ask question about God, or are already committed Christians who desires a deeper knowledge of God, you can find a home here at Grace Chapel.

When we did not deserve it, God shows people of every nation love that is Grace. We want to be a people who pass this on to people of every nation.


. .A church of all nations that focuses on practical Bible teachings and challenges others to apply these teachings to their daily lives.
. .A church of all nations that seeks to disciple every person to develop and use their abilities for God’s glory.
. .A church of all nations that balances both traditional and contemporary worship styles__ where people of all nations and all walk of life can make sense out of worshiping God.
. .A church of all nations that uses special programs to bring hope and help to people of all ages, with all kind of needs, from various life situations.

Grace Chapel…….Building lives for Christ…..Fulfilling destiny

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