Welcome to RCCGBC.org

On behalf of the ministering team, workers and the entire congregation of RCCG, Grace Chapel, New Westminster, BC, Canada, I welcome you to this website. My prayers for you as you browse this site are that you will not fall from grace, grace will make you to float above every trouble of life and through the grace of God, you will fulfill your destiny in the mighty name of Jesus. As you browse this website, I admonish you to “Grow in Grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ “-2 Peter 3:18. The word of shows us clearly from Hebrews 1:1-3 that in times past [Old Testament], God spoke and helped His
people through the law and the prophets. But in these last days, God has chosen to help and speak to us by His son-Jesus. John 1:17 says “for law came by Moses’ who is a prophet ‘but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ”. Jesus is grace personified. To survive this end time challenges, man must not only know the Grace of God, but keep advancing in that grace. When God was going to destroy the world in the days of Noah there was so much sin and iniquity. Pleasure, godlessness and homosexuality were the order of that day. In the midst of all these, the man Noah survived. Why? Genesis 6:8 says “But Noah found grace in the sight of the
Lord. Grace is what you need to develop your life. No matter how terrible the condition of your environment, Grace will prevail on God to preserve the man who has found it. What causes a man to swim and survive where others have drowned is grace. Grace is unmerited favor. Grace makes a man a success, an achiever and exceptional. Man of Grace succeeds where others have failed and puts him far above his ability. Where evil wind of hurricane blows away others, a man of grace survives with his household.
Beloved, we need grace in ALL things and Jesus is that Grace. Welcome to Grace’s website and be blessed in Jesus name.

Your brother, Bayo Adediran, Zonal Pastor, RCCGNA, Zone BC1, Vancouver, Canada.

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